Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is a small webpage
about a long gone building of New York City,
the COLUMBIA BUILDING (1890 - 1930).
More pictures wanted!
You know pictures of the Columbia Building,
not shown in the Gallery?
Please contact me
You know other interesting webpages
or facts about the Columbia Building?
Please contact me too.
27-09-10 a new blog design
12-09-09 - 4 new pictures added to the gallery
16-08-09 a new picture added to the gallery
18-07-09 new picture added to the gallery
17-07-09 Map added
12-07-09 Blog started
More building pages can be found here:

Columbia Building Gallery

NEW - backside, not Broadway front
of the Columbia Building
left picture side middle
picture from February 1900

NEW - south Broadway November 1913
NEW - map from 1891

NEW - unknown date
the late Columbia Building can be found
at the right of the Cunard Building
(only a small stripe like all late photos)

NEW - found at the NYPL Digital Gallery
unknown date - must have been taken in the late 1920's

from the NYPL Digital Gallery

(late 1880s - before the Columbia Building came)




(1899 - from Broadway Street Views)


(4 without dates, maybe late 1890s / early 1900s)


(1918-after modification)


(today - birdsview bing beta)